Of One Mind

You’ve seen it. You’ve known a couple who have been together so long, and loved each other so well, that, at times, it seems as though they are one person. It’s like an old sci-fi movie: two bodies, one brain! They easily finish the other’s sentences; they anticipate the needs of the other and gladly meet them; they exude love. It is my hope to achieve that someday. All it really takes is time, attention, and consideration.

Time – In order to be of one mind with someone, time is the first essential ingredient. It is impossible to know a person without spending time with them. I could hire an investigator, and read over the reports, but I would only know about that person, and still would be no closer to knowing them. I have to take the time to be around a person before I can ever hope to know them.
Attention – Now, I can spend years around a person, but if I do not pay attention to them, I might as well be a stranger. I need to be intentional to notice what that person’s preferences are, if I intend to be of one mind with them. Kristin for instance, could easily go into Cracker Barrel and order for me. In the years that we have known one another, she paid attention to my choices.
Consideration – Lastly, and of ultimate importance, is consideration. Without consideration it is impossible to be of one mind with someone, for although I spent time with them and paid attention to them, if I do not purposefully bring their preferences and desires to mind, I will only live for myself. My choices will be my own, and they had better keep up. But if we desire to be of one mind with someone, we need only ask two questions: “What does this person desire? How can I help make that a reality?”

“Timothy, what in the world does this have to do with worship?” Everything! I am writing about being of one mind with Christ! How often do we consider Christ in our daily decisions? First we have to know Him. This is why time in Scripture and prayer are essential! Through those spiritual disciplines, we learn about Christ’s character, His habits, and desires. Once we know what is important to God, then we can begin to consider Him in our choices.

Homework this week: Ask yourselves two questions about your daily decisions. “What does God desire in this decision?” and “What can I do to help make that a reality?”
For extra credit, read “Practicing the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence.
…your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10

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