40 Days for Life

Friday I went out to Pray at the Garden of Hope across from “Reproductive Services” at 32nd pl near Sheridan in Tulsa. I was amazed at how many cars arrived or left during the 45 minutes I was there. I spent time praying for the women who feel like they have no choice but to abort, praying for the souls of the infants, praying that the Holy Spirit would intervene and bring them out safely. But knowing that in all likelihood, these women were going to go through with the destruction of their own child’s life. So I also pray for these women as they later will come to realize what they have done. I pray for God to grant them forgiveness, and peace.

I hope that they will come to understand that the Church loves them, that we in the church are concerned for them, and would help them. I hope they will come to believe that it is out of compassion and not judgement that we stand across the street and intercede for them and their children.

But in the meantime, I will continue to pray. I will pray for an end to abortion. I will stand up and proclaim a message of grace, of holiness, of healthy sexuality, of wholeness to any and all who will listen. And I will ask that the Holy Spirit will empower me and others to make a difference in our culture.

Come out and pray.

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