Jesus Vs. Religion: Aggregate Me!

Recently, the internet has blown up with this video: In his poem his accurately identifies the dangers of religious practice without the life-changing relationship to support it. However, in this poem, he attributes that evil to the generic term “Religion” creating quite a stir.

After the jump you’ll find the original video and several rebuttals from different denominational perspectives.

Jeff Bethke, Poet, acknowledges the criticism, and agrees with it. Humbly accepts correction.

Have no fear, gentle reader, the views expressed above do not reflect the views or opinions of this blog. This post is merely meant to provide you with several different orthodox rebuttals of it, and to help inform you as you look to speak intelligently about it to your “theologically challenged” friends.

If you have an aversion to a specific denominational bent, have no fear, the bases are covered below.


It took about two weeks, but the best response so far in quality of word and production.

Fr. Pontifex – Catholic

Theresa Noble – Catholic

Rev. Alan Combs – Methodist

Rev. Kevin DeYong – Reformed

Zach Hunt – Nazarene – One & Two

Jonathan D. Fitzgerald – Episcopalian

Fr. Lee Nelson – Anglican

Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick – Orthodox

Marc Barnes – Catholic

Marcel LeJeune – Catholic

Tom Hoops – Catholic


From Fr. John Hollowell – Catholic

David Dorn – Asbury Seminary (Wesleyan/Arminian/Evangelical)
———Edit——— – Catholic
I’ll add more as they come to my attention, but that should keep you busy for a while.

Pax Vobiscum

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