Praying to the Saints

*Quick Disclaimer* I answer the following questions according to my current understanding. I cannot claim beyond a shadow of doubt that my answers are totally without error. I reserve the right to edit the answer at anytime. Thanks for your understanding.

What’s the deal with praying to the saints?
Why wouldn’t I just pray directly to Jesus?
Isn’t it sinful communicating with the dead?

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Jesus Vs. Religion: Aggregate Me!

Recently, the internet has blown up with this video: In his poem his accurately identifies the dangers of religious practice without the life-changing relationship to support it. However, in this poem, he attributes that evil to the generic term “Religion” creating quite a stir.

After the jump you’ll find the original video and several rebuttals from different denominational perspectives.

Jeff Bethke, Poet, acknowledges the criticism, and agrees with it. Humbly accepts correction.

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40 Days for Life

Friday I went out to Pray at the Garden of Hope across from “Reproductive Services” at 32nd pl near Sheridan in Tulsa. I was amazed at how many cars arrived or left during the 45 minutes I was there. I spent time praying for the women who feel like they have no choice but to abort, praying for the souls of the infants, praying that the Holy Spirit would intervene and bring them out safely. Continue reading

Benedict XVI’s message to the Youth of Germany (and to us)

(emphasis mine)

Dear young friends,

Throughout today I have been looking forward to this evening, and to this opportunity to be together with you and to join you in prayer. No doubt some of you were present at World Youth Day, where we were able to experience the special atmosphere of peace, deep fellowship and inner joy that characterizes an evening prayer vigil. It is my wish that we may experience the same thing now: that the Lord may touch our hearts and make us joyful witnesses who pray together and support one another, not just this evening but throughout our lives. Continue reading