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Don’t Forget!

Don’t forget! It seems this theme is repeated to the children of God over and over throughout scripture. It could be because we forget so easily. Like a ribbon on our spiritual fingers, the church seasons help us remember. Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, etc. – These are seasons set up to help us remember and integrate what God has done in history with what God does for us now. So this year, let’s use our time wisely as we prepare ourselves for the coming season.

Around Thanksgiving, my favorite comic strip is “Foxtrot.” If you have ever seen the strip, the author dedicates almost two weeks showing how the family gets ready. The father and son eat as much as possible to “stretch their stomachs” because they know that Thanksgiving is coming, and they must be ready. They refuse to treat it like any other meal. It requires “training!” We are coming up to a Christian season of thanksgiving. Just like the Thanksgiving meal is far superior to a normal dinner, so the “meals” we get during Passion week and Easter carry much more meat for us than normal weeks.

So let us prepare for these “meals” together during Lent. Let us come together and receive all that this season has to offer: awareness of our sins, confidence in God’s grace, and hope for the future.

Training starts February 9th!